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Manyas is a feature film that shows Club Atlético Peñarol fans, their joys and sorrows… a thousand different ways of expressing their love and unconditional faithfulness to their team: the making of the giant flag, tattoos, songs, trips abroad, among other things.
This film includes statements by dozens of fans that fill this special cultural phenomenon with passion, energy, and rhythm.

There are also statements analyzing the fan’s phenomenon from a different point of view. Among the most distinguished guests there are, Rafael Bayce, Graduate; Fernando Niembro, Journalist; Gabriel Gutiérrez, Sport Psychologist; Gerardo Caetano, Historian. Manyas was the Uruguayan film whith the biggest success in the first week of all the history of Uruguay. It also was the film with the biggest box office of the year 2011. Not only Peñarol’s fans have gone to see the films, but all the people who wants to observe a popular phenomenon like soccer is and it’s  importance for the society itself. Festivals: Football Film festival of Rio de Janeiro.