In his grief over his wife's loss, 80-year-old Elias, grappling with suicidal thoughts, faces the unexpected arrival of a scruffy cat that disrupts his tranquil neighborhood. He discovers the feline might hold the key to finding a new purpose in his dark and sorrowful existence.

Elías, an 80-year-old man, has just lost his wife and lives immersed in sadness and darkness. At this point in his life, Elías is experiencing a streak of bad luck. Besides becoming a widower, his basic services like water and electricity are cut off. In a robbery, his monthly pension, the only money he has left after spending all his savings on his wife’s illness, is stolen. His only contact with his son José is by phone, where José tries to convince him to sell the house and move to a nursing home, where, according to José, he would receive better care and not be alone.
To top it all off, the unexpected arrival of a grungy cat in the neighborhood brings further disruption. Its nightly fights keep everyone awake, particularly annoying Elías, who detests pets. With the arrival of the cat, chaos descends upon the neighborhood; the cat invades homes, destroys property, and makes a mess.

In this rural neighborhood of elderly residents living in adjoining houses, Elías’s closest neighbors are Rogelio, a tough, strong-willed, divorced ex-military man living alone, and Aidé, a gossiping woman who tends to her precious garden. Rogelio and Elías seem to have had a long-standing friendship, but due to Elías’s current situation, this friendship has cooled. Due to his financial woes and the demands of his maid for payment for the last few months of service, Elías asks Rogelio to pay the debts from the card games they used to play. Rogelio accuses Elías of cheating and refuses to pay.
In addition to his sadness and loneliness, Elías cannot sleep because of the constant fights of the grungy cat, which battles every night, making his life unbearable. Desperate, Elías is determined to end the nuisance once and for all…
Thus, the film immerses us in a narrative that explores human fragility, loneliness, and the desperate search for control amidst chaos, all while intertwining the fates of characters who, despite their differences, find in adversity a reflection of their own internal struggles.


Preselección Fundación Carolina 2017


Selección como representante por Ecuador a “X Bolivia Lab”, ganador de pitch.

Selección oficial al MAFIZ (Málaga Festival Industry Zone) Málaga – España 2020.

FAM – WIP Brasil 2022

Finaliza Bolivia Lab 2022

BIFFF Bruselas Work in Progress 2023

2da. Clínica Intensiva de Distribución México 2023


Ganador fondos ICCA 2019, categoría Producción

Ganador  fondos  ICCA 2017, categoría Desarrollo

Ganador de Fondos de Coproducción Ibermedia 2020

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