Manuela works alongside her father in an Arab drug cartel. When he is arrested, Manuela embarks on a dangerous plan to free him: join her old criminal friends and steal a shipment of drugs. But this sparks a war that pits narcos and tumbadores against each other, putting at stake not only her life, but also her relationship with her own father.

Manuela finds herself immersed in a dangerous game when her father, Don César, leader of a front business for an Arab drug cartel, is arrested. Determined to save him, she embarks on a desperate mission to obtain $200,000 and free him. Gathering his old criminal friends, they decide to rob a shipment of drugs. However, his daring attempt at salvation sets off a chain of catastrophic events. When the cartel discovers that Manuela has stolen their merchandise, Don César is forced to face the most painful decision of his life: eliminate his own daughter. What follows is a violent war unleashed between drug traffickers and tumbadores, where family ties fade before the harsh reality of loyalty and survival.


Festival of Panama. Official Competition.

Festival of La Habana. Panorama Section.

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