A teacher of the School of Popular Music in Avellaneda, together with his students, is digitizing around 500 original handwritten arrangements that are kept from Aníbal "Pichuco" Troilo orchestra. Through interviews to musicians from different generations and styles, this documentary makes a musical tour through the work of one of the most fundamental characters in the history of Tango and Argentine music.

key figure in the history of the tango and Argentinian music was born in Buenos Aires: Aníbal Troilo, known as Pichuco. This documentary takes us on a journey through his work and what it represents today.

Javier Cohen, a musician and teacher at the Avellaneda School of Popular Music (a famous institute in a working-class suburb of Buenos Aires) is presently digitizing the 489 original arrangements that the family knew how to safeguard in the closet of a small department in the center of Buenos Aires.

The documentary starts from this task of recovering the scores and, through interviews with contemporary musicians and in dialogue with current musical genres of Argentina (folk music, rock, jazz and tango), he prepares an analysis of all Troilo’s work.


Festival CINÉLATINO, 27èmes Rencontres de Toulouse 2015 (Francia)
Festival Internacional de Documentales Santiago Álvarez In Memoriam 2015 – Competencia Internacional (Cuba)
Salón Internacional de la Luz 2015 – Sección Oficial (Bogotá, Colombia)
ARGENCINE Film Festival Madrid 2015 (España)
Festival Internacional BIO BIO Cine 2015 – Competencia Internacional (Concepción, Chile)
FELCIT – Festival Latinoamericano de Cine de Tigre 2015 (Argentina)
PICHUCO en Festival Latino de Mannheim y Heidelberg 2015 (Alemania)
FestiCine Pehuajó 2015 (Argentina)
BAFICI – Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires 2014 (Argentina)
Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana 2014 (Cuba)
OVERLOOK 2014, 5th CinemAvvenire Film – Selección Oficial (Italia)
Festival Internacional de Cine de Gualeguaychú 2014 (Argentina)
Festival Internacional UNASUR Cine 2014 (Argentina)
Festival FILMAR 2014 – SUR LES NOTES DU CINEMA (Suiza)
Festival MARFICI 2014 (Argentina)
Festival Internacional de Cine de las Tres Fronteras (Argentina-Brasil-Paraguay)
Festival TANGOPOSTALE 2014 (Francia)
Third Coast Tango Marathon Pasional 2014 (Chicago, USA)
Festival Día del Bandoneón de Sofía 2014 (Bulgaria)
Tanguero Summer Worskhop at Indiana University (USA)
WIP FLVR Rosario 2013 (Argentina)
WIP Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires 2013 (Argentina)
WIP Pantalla Pinamar 2013 (Argentina)
PITCH DocBuenosAires 2013 (Argentina)

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