Ángel Peláez is very jealous man. Ever since he lost his arm in an accident and with the arm his job as a waiter in the Ritz Hotel, he imagines the whole day that Reme, his wife, betrays him with most of the men she gets in contact with.

The butcher, the booksseller who recommends her love books, the gas dealer or the gynecologist…,all of them are potential lovers that hurts the tortured imagination of the protagonist. If to these jealousy that keep on undermining the relationship we add the fact of not been able to grant her with a child and not being able to find a job while the economic situation of the couple is getting worse, we understand the reason why Angel is more and more irascible and pays all his frustrations on Reme. The only release valve for Reme of a reality that mistreats her and the novels from Jacinto Camacho in which, as she also admits, she find a life that is not even similar to hers. One day Reme, through her friend Marta, finds a job in the Gabriel Cavestany prestigious restaurant, whon cook and convinced lover that will set his eyes inevitably on her.


Alicante International Film Festival, Spain (Official Selection)

Salento International Film Festival, Italy (Official Selection)

Trani International Film Festival, Italy (Official Selection)


Best Actor for Javier Veiga at the Salento International Film Festival, Italy.

Public’s Award at the Trani International Film Festival, Italy.

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