Is filmmaking possible in a country like Ecuador? Is there an audience in Latina American movies? These are some of the questions posed by an Ecuadorian filmmaker whose latest subsidized movie did not find commercial distribution. He embarks on a filmic query to find answers to his questions and relief for his despair. He speaks to film critics, to the manager of the national cinematheque and to passersby… His research leads him to a giant contraband market in the port city of Guayaquil where pirated movies from all over the world are sold for one dollar.

There he finds a bunch of low budget movies produced by amateurs, with titles he had never heard of before: “Looking for Mom”, “The invisible destroyer”, “Manabí hit men”… They range from action packed productions to evangelical teary melodramas, Country to most professional Ecuadorian movies, these genre productions sell by the thousand in DVD stores all over the country. The producers do not earn a cent form these sales, but they get widespread notoriety.

In the end, his notions about film production in Ecuador are completely upset and he decides to leave his own film for distribution in pirate heaven.

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