Gunman Kim makes a serious mistake by killing a poor farmer and his 12-year-old son instead of a leader of the Landless Movement. The crime strongly affects the media and the Landless Movement, which is demonstrating across the country denouncing the murder of a child by agricultural companies.

He will be executed by the criminal organization he works for. Kim is afraid to die. Dying, it is his one and only fear. But the organization decides to order him another job, if he does it well, he will escape punishment: the execution of a peasant leader in the city of Paradise. The mention of Paradise
makes Kim tense.

He moves to a small town in the backwoods. Is contacted by someone who gives him the name of the victim: Bel. Kim’s anguish increases. He goes to Bel’s house, widow with three small children, and the two hug each other in an emotional embrace – they are brother and sister. Kim abandoned his family seven years ago, when agents of an agricultural killed his mother and wounded his father. Now his father is dead, Bel’s husband is dead, and the same company is back in charge to expel the squatters from a zone that interests them.

Kim lives a living hell. He tries to hire other mercenaries to do the job, and tries to force a peasant to become a gunman. In his wanderings through the lairs
of crime, he learns that he is being followed by a lame man, his likely executioner if he does not fulfill the contract. Kim is faced with a tragic dilemma: to kill his sister or be killed by the criminal organization.


Festival of Brasilia, 2020, Brasil.

Festival of Maranhão, 2022, Brasil.


Public Award at the Festival of Brasilia, 2020.

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