Paraguay, April 2008. After 35 years under Stroessner's dictatorship and 17 of power and corruption lead by the Colorado Party (the only one allowed after the democratic transition), Fernando Lugo, a former bishop who is running for President, represents the hope to build a better future. Internationally recognised as an activist for Human Rights and discoverer of the Archives of Terror, Martin Almada leads a lonely and exasperated battle to expose the links between the old dictatorial system and the current corrupted democracy. Guillermina Kanonnikoff, courageous activist and General Secretary of the Tekojoja Movement, is accompanying Fernando Lugo on his path up until the elections on April 20th.

Through the lives of these characters we discover a tragic and unknown side of Paraguayan history and live the incredible adventure leading to the electoral triumph of Fernando Lugo.
The film ends on the emotional images of the victory’s day. After the events of June 22th 2012, that saw President Lugo and his staff removed from power through a parliamentary coup, this film represents a historical testimony of a broken democratic dream.
This film also gives a major perspective on the current situation of the country, on the eve of the presidential elections of April 2013.



Guadalajara International Film festival, Mexico. Official Selection.

Winner of the festival “Hai visto mai 2009”, Siena, Italia.

Winner of the festival “13th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival” 2010, U.S.A.

“VLAFF Vancouver Latin American Film Festival 2009”, Canada. Official Selection.

Biarritz International Latin American Film Festival, France, 2009. Official Selection.

“Asuncion Documentaries Film Festival, Festidoc 2009”, Asuncion, Paraguay.

Trieste Latin American Film Festival, 2009”, Italia.

“Atlantidoc 2009 Film Festival”, Montevideo, Uruguay

“14th International Film Festival of Kerala”, India. Official Selection.

“5th India International Women Film Festival”, India. Official Selection.

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