After the death of his mother, a repressed tv writer is forced to take care of his father who is losing his memory, obsessed with his wife is still alive and lost.

This is the story of Alfonso, a repressed adapter of american sitcoms who at the age of 50 and following the death of his mother, is forced to take care of his father whom he cannot stand because it is a true reflection of his own affective defects and stubborness. The fact is that now the old man is losing his memory, becoming a child, far from the strong man he used to be, and is obsessed with the idea that his wife is still alive, lost in a hospital near the ocean. Can Alfonso live with the weight of his own memories and baffling insecurity of present time? This story will tell us that he finally will try it, to find a mother who is not already among living people, but still present in the heart of his father.


-Malaga International Film Festival. Official Competition.

-Festival of cinema of the sea of Punta del Este. Prize as best film.

-International Film Festival of Santiago (SANFIC). Official Competition.  Best Actor Award for the two protagonists: Tomás Vidiella and Jaime Mc Manus.

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