15 x 42mins
In love and about to take the steps to the altar, my world turned into sadness, which led me to attempt against my life, hoping that the sea would take my sorrows with me, but it showed me my true love, to be able to be together we had many obstacles in between to overcome.

The taximeter in Costa Rica is popularly called “La Maria” and that is why this series of 15 chapters
receives this name since it tells the story of a young taxi driver who is in economic difficulties and
seeks to cover all the expenses of his taxi for which he must renew his taximeter and make a series
of mechanical repairs to his vehicle and be able to continue giving the service but also meet the
dues with your boss and finish paying the taxi, however this young man who is very handsome and
very in love finds a young woman on the verge of death drowning on the boardwalk and after
fighting manages to rescue her to end up involved in a whole case of intrigues and dangers. She
decides to help Paz turn out to be the heiress of a hotel empire in Costa Rica but she is besieged by
her aunt and her henchmen who want to snatch her inheritance at all costs even taking her life if
necessary but the young taxi driver, Erick seeks to help Paz defend himself and in the process falls
in love with her without knowing if she will be reciprocated. However, he himself becomes a
target of criminals and now he must fight not only to save peace but also his own life. You will
enjoy this series full of passions filmed in the beautiful and exotic Costa Rica, specifically on the
shores of Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos on the Pacific coast and in Santa Ana in the
capital San José.


Esential Costa Rica Certification, Sello Comisión Fílmica de Costa Rica.

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