After years of absence, a man returns to his town in search of redemption, but he must earn the forgiveness of the members of his family, especially, his brother.

Isaac is a young worker, entrepreneur, head of two families, his own and that of his parents. He has had to carry on the business of his father, Mr. Abraham Reyna. His wife and son constantly tell him that he has too many occupations, his mother, Miss Sarah, continues being that loving comfort that brings him peace and knowledge. Only one person is missing from his house, Ismael. His irreverent older brother who left the village years ago without a trace, never to be seen again, until now. Ismael has come back.


Ganadora de Premio del Público Festival de Cine del Mar 2017
6 pre-nominaciones Premios Platino 2017
17 nominaciones Premios Iris Dominicana
Ganadora 15 premios La silla
Ganadora 1 premio soberano 2017
Selección dominicana premios Ariel 2017
Selección dominicana premios Goya 2017
Apertura del Festival de cine argentino de Miami 2017
Apertura muestra de cine dominicano, La Habana 2017
Selección oficial y competencia festival de cine de Bogotá 2016
Selección oficial y competencia festival de cine de Trinidad y Tobago 2016
Apertura Festival de Cine Dominicano de New York 2016
Clausura Festival de Cine Latino de Philadelfia 2016
Selección oficial Festival de cine latino de Canadá 2016
Selección oficial festival de cine de Guadalupe- Femi- 2016
Apertura Festival de Cine Dominicano de Miami 2016


Iris Awards of Dominican Cinema:

Best supporting actor

Cuquín Victoria, La familia Reyna

Best casting direction
Valerie Hernández, La familia Reynaion
Gina Giudicelli, La família Reyna

Best script
Carlos Quezada, La familia Reyna

Best actress
Adalgisa Pantaleón, La familia Reyna

Best actor
David Maler, La familia Reyna

Best director
Tito Rodríguez, La familia Reyna

Best Film
La familia Reyna

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