By The Road is a Paraguayan romantic comedy, that speaks to us of love in different ways: the impossible love that might come true, the love of family, friends and, above it all, to do things with love, all mixed with typical ingredients of the rural Paraguay, such as its landscapes, its red dirt roads, the simplicity of its people, and its native food, that have the chipa as a icon of this country in all of Latin America.

In a small town in Paraguay, Virgilia (Patty Paredes), a shy and innocent chipa seller who spends her days in love with Walter (Bruno Sosa Bofinger), her best friend from childhood and current official of the toll post by the road. Virgilia is in love with Walter, the boy she daydreams with, but she must deal with Vero (Giannina Lezcano), Walter’s on-and-off-ex-girlfriend.

The ally of the protagonist is Juanita (Mary Liz Rojas), a close friend of Virgilia, who is obsessed with the Paraguayan soap opera “Cotton Hearts”, and constantly encourage her to confess her love, but Virgilia does not brace up for the fear that Walter might reject her. An important role will meet her mother and chipa-selling-mentor, Mrs. Candé (Hebe Duarte, Las Acacias, 2011), who also suffers the painful absence of her son Anselmo (Ricardo Quintana) who lives in Spain, of whom she does not have news since some time ago. With the disappearance of Anselmo, also comes the lack of monthly money that he sent them and helped them live by.

Virgilia must now face reality, leaving aside the illusion of love, to raise her family without the help of anyone but herself.


Madrid Film Festival. Winner of the Public´s Award.
Comedy Cluj International Film Festival of Romania.
V Festival de Cine Latinoamericano y Caribeño of Switzerland.
Ciclo Nuestro Cine of Paraguay.
Ciclo de Cine in Paraguay.
7 Mostra de Cinema da America Latina at Lisbon, Portugal.
XXI Latin American Film Festival of Canada.
Latin American festival of Australia.
Festival of Cinema of the Sea, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Paraguay at the crossroads, University of Kansas, USA.

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