Together with the brilliant engineer Francisca González Cohens, we will learn about various projects that seek solutions to improve the quality of life of people in cities and the countryside. Many problems that seem to be trivial involve the creation of algorithms that adequately interpret the complexity of human behavior and physical environments.

Many problems on our daily life seem to be trivial, but the way to solve them involve the creation of complex algorithms to deal with human behavior and physical environments.

We will learn about a project that seeks to permanently supply electricity to an isolated Mapuche community in South America. We will also look at the key factors for designing crime prediction strategies, based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

We will understand how a low-cost health monitoring system was designed for the remote monitoring of patients who are hospitalized in their homes. In addition, a small device attached to the body, can detect the person´s mood, fatigue, mental collapse or even if they need urgent medical attention.

The appropriate functioning of public transportation is crucial for any activities in a city, no matter this is productive or recreational. A program called Commander, reduces the response time of fire depts. on emergencies by crossing the data of the status of the streets and real information of traffic speed.

We will understand some theories of behavioral economics and we will interview academics who study behavior to unlock consumer preferences. By performing some exercises we will see how our perception and rationality are put to the test in a world surrounded by advertising.


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