15 X 24mins
This is the love story between Alberto, a young veterinarian, widower and father of a girl and a boy. He works at an exotic animal zoo. He meets Aude, a sweet but strong girl who is also a mechanic. Alberto's vehicle breaks down on the way to the zoo and some locals help him contact the only mechanical workshop in the area that has a towing service, the one in Aude. This encounter will change the course of their lives. The conflict of the story focuses on Alberto's struggle to conquer Aude and both in this process discover that her father is a very bad man but he is also the same man who stole Alberto's girlfriend.

In a small town in the north of the small but beautiful country Costa Rica in the middle of the Americas, there is a zoo of exotic animals where the Fieras besiege the most docile prevailing the law of the strongest but there is a young veterinarian Alberto who has bravely become an expert in taming even the fiercest to be able to attend to them,  however as a single father everything has become more complicated, one day on the way to the zoo his vehicle is stranded in the middle of nowhere and it is when he meets Aude an intrepid but rebellious girl who thanks to her impetus has earned a great reputation as a skilled mechanic, being recognized as the best in the area, she helps Alberto and from there begins a beautiful friendship in which both will know the best and the worst of each one until both become the support that both needed so much. Aude ends up discovering that her father is not who she believes and this will bring many problems to her family and on the other hand Alberto’s ex-girlfriend puts his daughter at risk leaving her lost in the zoo and it is Aude who goes into the middle of the night to rescue her while Alberto fights with Aude’s former partner who is determined to steal his workshop along with his reputation. but in the end the most unexpected obstacles will test them and the love that is born between them. FIERAS is a series of 15 chapters with the most varied characters that you will enjoy from start to finish.


Esential Costa Rica Certification,  Sello Comisión Fílmica de Costa Rica.

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