San Bernardo, Chile 1970. During a night of heavy dinking, Jaime, a lonely and narcissist 20-year-old boy, stabs his best friend in what seems a passionate outburst. In prison will discover the affections and loyalties of an everyday life marked by violence.

Chile, just before the elections bringing Allende to power; Jaime, a narcissist 20 year old, kills with a knife with no apparent reason a guy known as The Gypsy, his till then admirable friend. Sentenced to prison, he will meet The Stallion, an older and respected man in whom Jaime will find protection, revealing a deep need for tenderness and recognition. Behind bars, Jaime will become The Prince and will learn about love and loyalty with The Stallion. They will have a close relationship of “black love”, as it is called in jail, while he faces the violent power struggle inside prison.


Venice – SIC, Italy, 2019.

Athens IFF, Greece, 2019.

San Sebastian IFF, Spain, 2019.

Bordeaux IIFF, France, 2019.

Busan IFF, S.Korea, 2019.

Chicago IFF, USA, 2019.

Registi fuori dagli scheRmi  Bari, Italy, 2019.

Valdivia IFF, Chile, 2019.

Venezia a Napoli, 2019.

Festival Llamale, Uruguay, 2019.

Cheries Cherie, France, 2019.

Gender Border FF, Italy, 2019.

Kolkata IFF, India, 2019.

Mix Brasil FF, Brazil, 2019.

Pelicula Latina Bruxelles, Belgium, 2019.

Habana IFF, Cuba, 2019.

Merlinka FF, Serbia, 2019.

Mill Valley Film Festival (USA Premiere), USA, 2019.

OUTshine Film Festival (Miami), USA, 2019.

ImageOUT Film Festival (Rochester, NY), USA, 2019.

Chicago International Film Festival, USA, 2019.

Image+Nation (Montreal), Canada, 2019.

Black Movie, Switzerland, 2020.

Domiican Republic Global FF, Dominican Republic, 2020.

Punta del Este IFF, Uruguay, 2020.

BFI Flare, UK, 2020.

Off Camera FF, Poland, 2020.

Sydney IFF, Australia, 2020.

Tel Aviv LGBT FF, Israel, 2020.

Filmfest München, Germany, 2020.

Villeurbanne Latin-American Film Festival, France, 2020.

Queer Lisboa, Portugal, 2020.

Istanbul FF, Turkey, 2020.

Mix Mexico, Mexico, 2020.

Zefestival, France, 2020.

Golden Horse Fantastic FF, Taiwan 2020.

Melbourne Queer IFF, Australia, 2020.

Mostra Felafc, Brazil, 2020.

Festival Latinoamericano de Cine Independiente Bahía Blanca, Argentina, 2020.

Merida & Yucatan IFF, Mexico, 2020.


Queer Lyon Award en la Mostra de Cine de Venecia, Italia, 2019.

Coral Award to the Artistic Contribution. La Habana Film Festival, Cuba, 2019.

Best Direction at the Festival de Cine Independiente de Bahía Blanca, Argentina, 2020.

Best Film and Jury Press Award at the Festival de Mérida & Yucatán, IFF, México, 2020.

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