CHARCO, songs of the Rio de la Plata

CHARCO, songs of the Rio de la Plata

The Rio de la Plata is the place where all music converges. It is the region where very different genres such as Tango, Rock, Candombe, Murga, Cumbia and Milonga first met, giving birth to our own unique music. Pablo Dacal, music and troubadour, sets out to find the origins of our song, meeting up with fundamental characters of the Argentinean and Uruguayan music scene. From Gustavo Santaolalla, Jorge Drexler or Fito Páez to almost unknown yet equally great artists, this film features them all in a profound look into the Rioplatense Song.

Moved by the certainty that some music genres, such as the Milonga, are universal, Pablo Dacal, both a musician and a researcher, sets out on a voyage upstream in search for the origins of the popular music of the Rio de la Plata, plunging into the waters of the 21st century melodies and the anonymous music of the persecuted gaucho folksinger, exploring every branch of this river: from rock ‘n roll and psychedelia to cumbia, candombe, murga, tango and folk music, experiencing the noisy city and itsdocks as well as the ever silent farmland, blending its own generation with the almost patriarchal influences of Atahualpa Yupanqui and Osiris Rodríguez Castillo. At the end of this journey, which serves as a powerful retrospective on the origins of our music, one of the foundational scenes of the rioplatense music takes place: a payada (music improvisation duel) between two residents from opposite banks of the river.


Bafici International Film Festival


Gardel Award to the Best Sountrack of Cinema/Television.

Creative Argentinean Award.

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