Lola has an inner storm. She needs a change, but her family wishes everything to remain as it is. While they enjoy the summer holidays in Mar del Plata, with sunny days and promenades, Lola doesn’t seem to be satisfied. Behind the joy there is a deep sadness. Time becomes subjective and the journey to happiness begins to blur, while Lola discovers how her desires are stirred by the force of the sea and finally finds peace within the storm.

Lola plays the role of the perfect wife and mother, married to Ricardo and with four children: Cecilia,

Alejandro, Belen and Santi; but inside, there is a storm lurking.

The plan is to enjoy the summer vacations in Mar del Plata, where the happiness of everyday life

in the family universe, floods them under sunny days on the beach, walks and shopping. But the wind rises, the sky creaks and time becomes subjective. Lola is not satisfied, behind enjoyment there is a great sadness.

Ricardo doesn’t understand what’s going on and acts like everything is fine. Cecilia breaks down into family outings. Alejandro suffers an asthma attack. Belen seeks refuge in her connection with the animals. Santi tries to make himself heard while playing everything his brothers.

To finish the trip, the family visits some old friends, Julio and Graciela, who host them in their beach house, far from the city and close to the forest. In this mysterious and dreamlike place, Lola discovers how her desires are stirred by the force of the sea, and finally finds peace within the storm.


  • Script Station Berlinale Talent Campus from Berlin Film Festival.
  • Raymundo Gleyzer INCAA Development Competition.
  • Polo Audiovisual Córdoba Opera Prima Competition.
  • World premiere: Mar del Plata International Film Festival (November 2019).
  • International premiere: International Filmmaker Festival of New York (September 2020). Best Script award.
  • Latinuy Festival of Punta del Este. Award as Best Film and Best Actress for Umbra Colombo.

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