4 X 30mins
A group of six friends throw a house warming party to celebrate the move to their wonderful new home. The party couldn’t have been better until the effects of their hangover wake them up and soon they begin to live surreal situations and undergo a waterfall of horrific agony after discovering they are trapped in the home for reasons yet unknown to them.

A group of friends celebrate two of them moving into a new house. Everything goes well and even though the journey has been a hectic one, they have signed the leasing agreement,  are moved in, and are organizing their new home. Despite the work invested in it, they are having a great time, especially when the night comes and the environment turns into a cool party, where even the real estate agent joins in the fun.The next day, they awaken to the screams of the real estate agent.

Something is seriously wrong. They follow the eccentric real estate agent, who is attempting to find a way out of the house, but there is no exit. They are trapped. The house seems to be surrounded by huge brick walls. Every window or door they try to open is blocked.

Confusion and  screaming, mixed with flashbacks of what happened the night before: fire on the garden, seduction games, romantic scenes, alcohol, rivalry and friendship, is all they can remember and there is no coherent explanation to what they are seeing,  which is not the product of any hallucination. They are trapped, and now they will need to sort out why and how this happened after realizing the main suspect is as clueless as they are. One by one, each person in the house will experience a connection or interrelation with the house, which is not only alive but is trying to convey a meaning that goes beyond the mysterious forces that are coming after, and haunting them. Interestingly enough, those ghosts are directly connected to each of their inner fears and conflicts. How will they escape from such demons, and even more importantly, will they ever succeed?

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