Ana is a recently divorced 35-year-old architect with two little girls. She is the daughter of Chilean exiles, and was born in Costa Rica. When Ana’s daughter opens a Facebook account for her grandmother, she reconnects with a long-lost love from her university days and decides to take a trip to see him in Chile. From then on, Ana’s stability is shaken. She finds herself assuming the role and behaviors of her mother and turning into the type of woman she never wanted to be.

Ana is a divorced architect with two daughters. Her parents, Julia and Andrés, are Chilean exiles who settled in Costa Rica in the 70s, fleeing from the military dictatorship. For Ana it is difficult to manage the house with two girls and the questions of Claudia, her eight year old daughter, who blames her for the father’s absence.

There is a possibility for Ana in her work: a project that would mean moving to Mexico and taking off her professionally. Her mother, who left family, home, and work to follow her husband, even though she didn’t share his political thought, doesn’t understand the “selfishness” of her daughter, although she regrets that decision every day.

In the middle of the separation of Julia and Andres, and her dad’s cancer diagnosis, Ana will have to make decisions that will affect her entire family.


International Film Festival of Panamá (April 2019)

Festival of Latin Cinema of Tübingen (April 2019)

Festival of Women directors of Punta del Este (September 2019)

Festival of Ibero-American  Cinema of Scoprir. Italy (October 2019)

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