María is a migrant woman who denies a terrible truth. She has been unjustly fired and begins to work taking care of Esther, an elderly woman who suffers from Alzheimer, losing her memory and with it everything she was and had. In the midst of this, both women build a special relationship and create a deep questioning about oblivion, which allows María to overcome her own losses.

“Before the Rain” is the story of two women, María and Esther. The two of them encounter themselves amongst great losses. María is an immigrant salvadoran woman that loses her job in an unjust manner after getting sick and is also finishing a painful relationship. Esther is an elderly woman with Alzheimer, she is losing her memory and with it her most important memories. In the middle of this they build up a special friendship full of profound questions about forgetfulness that result in the complete reconstruction of María and the decision making she experiences to realize she must return back home to her son.


Work in Progress at Guadalajara International Film Festival, Mexico, 2020.

GALA FILM FEST: Latin American Innovation, Washington DC, USA, 2022.


Winner of the Fund of the Work In Progress at Guadalajara Film Festival, with Guadalajara Construye, to work the process of final editing, color correction and finalization of the postproduction process.




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