Silverio Palacios (40) a failed union worker from Veracruz, decides to turn his life around. Tired of earning his money panhandling in the streets, he decides to follow up on a plan that’s been on his friend and union leader: Alacrán’s mind for the longest time. He transforms his old taxi into an improvised raft and sails away on a trip that can change his fate forever.

A passionate speaker of senseless speeches, Silverio prepares the most important one yet in his life when he tries to convince the American Government to receive a political refugee, fleeing from Communism and risking his life in search of freedom and a better opportunity. The plan is foolproof, he just needs to get to shore without getting caught, and the US Government is obliged to grant political asylum to whoever dares to risk his life in such a burden.

Silverio rehearses his best Cuban accent and filled with courage and a sack of oranges as his only witness, is sent away as a local hero by his family and friends who watch him sail off to the horizon towards an uncertain future filled with hope.
A turn of events transforms Alacrán’s dream into a new reality.

Silverio improvises a desperate speech in front of a Cuban Government who watches the arrival of the first Mexican fleeing the Capital System to seek refuge in the last socialist country in the continent, as very unlikely.
In a matter of seconds, Silverio, armed only with his wit, will learn to overcome the new circumstances and take advantage of the many benefits of a system that was not prepared to receive this Mexican.



Morelia Film Festival.

México – Acapulco-Aguascalientes-Zacatecas Film Festivals.

Kinoki Film Festival, México D.F.

International Film Festival of Lebú, Chile

Mostra de Cine Latinoamericano de Catalunya.

International Film Festival of Toulouse.

3er Hola Mexico Film Festival (LA)

Latinbeat Film Festival (NYC) , USA.

International Film Festival of Fine Arts of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Festival Latinoamericano de Video de Rosario, Argentina.

Puebla International Film Festival (México)

Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine (France).

Scottsdale (Arizona) Film Festival, USA.

Festival of New Cinema of Montreal (Canadá)

Trieste Latin American Film Festival (Italy).

Festival Hola Mexico Australia.

Minneapolis-St Paul Latin Film  Festival (USA).

Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina).

Cuenca  International Film Festival (Ecuador).

Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival 2012 (USA).

Viva Spanish and Latin America Film Festival (Manchester, UK).

Festival de Boulogne-Billancourt (France).

Tucson Cine Mexico 2012 (USA).

Festival de Punta del Este (Uruguay).

Festival de Marsella (France).

Festival of Latin American Cinema of Montreal.

Festival of Human Rights of Buenos Aires and Santiago del Estero.



Public’s Award at Morelia Film Festival.

Best First Feature and Best Screenplay at Mostra de Cine de Latinoamericano de Catalunya.

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