A lonely 40 year old man lives an intense crisis. Walking down a street, he comes across his couple who is on her way to meet up with her ex boy friend. Beggining to feell that his relationship with her is about to end, he remains still, without reacting, daring only to look at her.

His monotonous life contrasts with that of his best friend, a prestegious lawyer, in love with his sister since he can remember but who  will end up finding  another love. As it is, the relationship with his ex wife is a little difficult, the only reason why they`re together is their little son. Separated from his actual couple he will get involved with a fobic and ex alcoholic woman. So that`s about it, thinking how complex relationships with others can be, he finds himself asking the same question: something happens to you in the street, an ambulance turns up and they ask you who you would like to call, who would you call ?


  • Rio international Film Festival, Brasil 2009.


  • Primero Plano, Brasil 2010.


  • International Film Festival of  Cartagena de Indias 2010, Colombia.


  • Festival of Latinoamerican  and Caribean Cinema of  Margarita 2010, Venezuela.

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