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90-year-old Nivia faces an unexpected change. Her daughter Alicia, whom Nivia has lived with for ages, has found a new husband after years of widowhood and understandably wants to move in with him. Nivia disapprove of the relationship and accuses her daughter of abandoning her.
Both women embark on a profound and revealing journey where the longing for a new love and the fear of growing old alone inevitably lead to a clash between mother and daughter. The director, Nivia’s grandson and Alicia’s son, managed to capture in an almost invisible way – as if in a work of fiction – the inevitable sorrow caused by a separation which, nevertheless, took place in a garden where flowers never wither, a dog turns out to be the best psychologist and an annoying pigeon seems to be announcing a miracle.

Director’s statement: I never planned to make this film. One day, a friend lent me a video camera; an old, VHS one. I was already studying to be a filmmaker, but I had never held a camera before. I woke up early that day, and, with my pyjamas still on, I took the camera and started stumbling down the hall, making a sort of tracking shot from my bedroom into the balcony. As soon as I stepped into the balcony, my grandmother entered frame from out of nowhere, looked into the camera and said “You ought to shoot this, Ignacio: the flowers. Look at the colours, aren’t they lovely?”. I rushed into the most obvious reply I could think of: “Which flowers do you like best?”. “I like them all”, she replied, as she stretched her arms to show me how much I had to get in frame.

Everything that came after that, which I sometimes call “a family tragicomedy”, was my best attempt at complying with her command. She is the real director here, I am nothing but her trusted cameraman.

FESTIVALS DOKLEPIZIG 2012 / Focus Latinoamerica / Leipzig, Alemania MIRADAS DOC 2012 / Official Selection / Tenerife, España FIDBA (Buenos Aires International Documentary Film Festival) 2012  / Case study/ Buenos Aires, Argentina DOCMONTEVIDEO 2012 FIDOCS 2012 DOCMONTEVIDEO 2012 14 BAFICI 2012 Uruguay Cinematographic Festival 2012 FICPE 2012 La Havanna Film Festival.   PREMIOS Y APOYOS BEST LATIN AMERICAN FILM FIDOCS 2012 WIP FICPE  AWARD 2010 FONA 2007 MVD SOCIO AUDIOVISUAL 2010