Austral Films


Length: 4 X 45 min.

This documentary series introduces to the audience extraordinary people standing out in extraordinary circumstances.
Every episode will follow the life of a unique and remarkable, real, and many times unknown individual, and portrait their struggle to pursue their dreams.


Some “rumba cubana” players, a plastic artist, a singer. These extraordinary humans have lived their life with only one objective in mind: do what they like the most in spite of the circumstances; and, in a place like Havana, Cuba, the only country in the continent that has lived isolated from the rest of the world, those circumstances can be tougher and the pursue of a dream becomes a big challenge and sometimes an overwhelming journey. But for the PEOPLE in this documentary, those circumstances represent the opportunity to see their lives transforming and getting closer to that goal. For our audience, those circumstances this PEOPLE overcome everyday in the pursue of a dream, become an inspiration, the certainty that no matter the human condition, focused minds are capable of making the impossible possible.