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In the midst of a convulsed country, a group of people attend a workshop of poetry that lasts only one night taught by renowned academic David Sanhueza. But the participants of this workshop conceal secrets that shape the intrigue and suspense of this story. A dying corporal, a forbidden relationship, a lost poem and an anarchic cause are some elements that mobilize this story towards an unexpected end.

In the midst of a shocking news that can lead the country into a political crisis, Santiago, a young man with literary concerns, enters a poetry workshop that lasts only one night. Along with Santiago, Maite, a Spanish woman in search of answers, Cristián, a journalist from a rebellious medium, Gerónimo, a marginal young man, Diego, an astronomer and Axel, the dark leader of a death metal band will be the participants of this workshop taught by David, a renowned national academic. But in this poetry workshop, things are not what they seem, all participants hide secrets that will transform this night into a game of suspicion and double intentions. Poetry, violence, manipulation and the power of the word are some of the elements that will lead this story towards an unexpected end.


Sanfic (Festival internacional de cine de Santiago)