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Camila (17) is too used to triumph. Cute and intelligent as she is, she manages to achieve any goal she sets herself.
She loves to swim and does not know failure. However, it would be the water, which has given her so much satisfaction in the past, the one that now forces her to face
the greatest adversity of her life with courage, humor and love.

Nicole Duarte got through this in real life when she was 17 years old and lived to tell the story: It was the screenwriters spot on to research in order to build-up the main character. A cerebrovascular accident left her with motion problems, she could hardly speak, walk or even eat. After a long and hard rehab process she managed to overcome all this. Today Nicole is in good health, mother of two children. She´s working and is a fan of Camila’s Awakening.

Is rare to see stories featuring people with disabilities as the main protagonist. Considering that at least 20% of the world population has a disability and the vast majority is acquired disability (not birth); this film tries to be a contribution to handicaped culture. The Brain Stroke (CVA) is the most common cause of acquired disability worldwide, also among youngsters. It is more frequent than most people think.

Camila´s Awakening  stands out for its original music score, as well as for the double participation of Koke Santa Ana, who, in addition to acting in the role of Luis, plays several indie-pop-style songs with his band Rio Pacheco. On the other hand, South American tropical music is very well represented by a memorable cameo by Adrián and the Dados Negros, icon of the cumbia in the Southern Cone, with hits such as ” invitation letter” and “little plant”.


International Film Festival of Montreal. Official Competition, 2018.

Festival of Rancagua, Chile, 2018.