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EUGENIO’s dream is to win the trophy he never won as a soccer player. At 72, EUGENIO finds a last chance to fulfill his dream in a tropical dance contest. When he loses his partner, his only chance of winning will be to face his own prejudices and those of his family. Now, he will change the ball for the hall.

Eva is back from her trip to Europe. One afternoon she received a suspicious birthday invitation from a neighbor, she never imagined it was a romantic date a planed by his family, but he didn’t even had food in the fridge.
A comedy about how family can mess up our relationships, the way it interacts and how it doesn’t even stand itself.

Silverio Palacios (40) a failed union worker from Veracruz, decides to turn his life around. Tired of earning his money panhandling in the streets, he decides to follow up on a plan that’s been on his friend and union leader: Alacrán’s mind for the longest time. He transforms his old taxi into an improvised raft and sails away on a trip that can change his fate forever.