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A group of six friends throw a house warming party to celebrate the move to their wonderful new home. The party couldn’t have been better until the effects of their hangover wake them up and soon they begin to live surreal situations and undergo a waterfall of horrific agony after discovering they are trapped in the home for reasons yet unknown to them.



This documentary series introduces to the audience extraordinary people standing out in extraordinary circumstances.
Every episode will follow the life of a unique and remarkable, real, and many times unknown individual, and portrait their struggle to pursue their dreams.

This coming-of-age drama stars Diana García (SIN NOMBRE) as Lupe, a young Mexican woman struggling to make ends meet and pay for her dying mother’s heath care when she meets Benny (Noah Segan of BRICK and LOOPER), a handsome but troubled young man who gains her trust and leads Lupe into a scheme that targets her boss, Simon, a successful, prima-donna actor.