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Movies from Costa Rica

Aquí y Ahora is a Costa Rican drama that takes place in San José.
Lara is a modern dancer who´s insecure about her talent but lives for her craft. As she auditions
to join a dance company in Berlin, she meets Ernesto, an optimistic scientist who’s absolutely attached to Costa Rica. As her audition process continues, Lara realiznes that going to Berlin means leaving behing everything that makes her country a home.

During five days a solar storm hits Central America. People In each of these countries will have to face life in its more basic terms, disconnected from the technology they normally depend on. Fear, friendship and love emerge as they come together with others, while the skies are lit by tropical lights never seen before.

Ana is a recently divorced 35-year-old architect with two little girls. She is the daughter of Chilean exiles, and was born in Costa Rica. When Ana’s daughter opens a Facebook account for her grandmother, she reconnects with a long-lost love from her university days and decides to take a trip to see him in Chile. From then on, Ana’s stability is shaken. She finds herself assuming the role and behaviors of her mother and turning into the type of woman she never wanted to be.

EUGENIO’s dream is to win the trophy he never won as a soccer player. At 72, EUGENIO finds a last chance to fulfill his dream in a tropical dance contest. When he loses his partner, his only chance of winning will be to face his own prejudices and those of his family. Now, he will change the ball for the hall.