Austral Films

Movies genre: Drama

In the midst of a convulsed country, a group of people attend a workshop of poetry that lasts only one night taught by renowned academic David Sanhueza. But the participants of this workshop conceal secrets that shape the intrigue and suspense of this story. A dying corporal, a forbidden relationship, a lost poem and an anarchic cause are some elements that mobilize this story towards an unexpected end.

After years of absence, a man returns to his town in search of redemption, but he must earn the forgiveness of the members of his family, especially, his brother.

After the death of his mother, a repressed tv writer is forced to take care of his father who is losing his memory, obsessed with his wife is still alive and lost.

In 1976, the year that started the last ferocious Argentina’s military dictatorship, for still unexplained reasons, a young policeman is accused of belonging to the ERP- Montoneros, a guerrilla group that operated at the time. He is tortured by his former teammates and is detained for two years as a political prisoner. After survive the brutal prison conditions and gets parole, he manages to escape to Brazil; Denmark grants him asylum and he lives fifteen years in Conpenhagen.