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Movies of 2012

Ángel Peláez is very jealous man. Ever since he lost his arm in an accident and with the arm his job as a waiter in the Ritz Hotel, he imagines the whole day that Reme, his wife, betrays him with most of the men she gets in contact with.



Puerto Cultura is a TV series aimed at exploring the life, work and thoughts of outstanding personalities of various intellectual, artistic and social fields.
Only one person is interviewed in each program; this allows for a more thorough conversation and for delving further into certain concepts which are worth highlighting.
The show is shot live with an audience composed of members of several universities, educational organizations specialized in different areas, schools of journalism, schools of art, and organizations of other types. In the last segment of each episode, the audience takes an active part by asking questions to the interviewed personality, thus creating an environment of interaction among all the people present in the T.V. studio.

Santiago Rubio, Mayor of a Latin American City wants to be the nation President. To achieve his goal, he decides to build the biggest and most important airport in South America. For that purpose, he hires Hoyos Constructing Group, a very corrupt company that instead of building the airport, they spend all nation’s money in their own benefit. Maria Cristina, Mayor´s wife and Gabriel Hoyos lover, is the key piece for the Hoyos to win the contract.

90-year-old Nivia faces an unexpected change. Her daughter Alicia, whom Nivia has lived with for ages, has found a new husband after years of widowhood and understandably wants to move in with him. Nivia disapprove of the relationship and accuses her daughter of abandoning her.
Both women embark on a profound and revealing journey where the longing for a new love and the fear of growing old alone inevitably lead to a clash between mother and daughter. The director, Nivia’s grandson and Alicia’s son, managed to capture in an almost invisible way – as if in a work of fiction – the inevitable sorrow caused by a separation which, nevertheless, took place in a garden where flowers never wither, a dog turns out to be the best psychologist and an annoying pigeon seems to be announcing a miracle.

Eva is back from her trip to Europe. One afternoon she received a suspicious birthday invitation from a neighbor, she never imagined it was a romantic date a planed by his family, but he didn’t even had food in the fridge.
A comedy about how family can mess up our relationships, the way it interacts and how it doesn’t even stand itself.

In 1976, the year that started the last ferocious Argentina’s military dictatorship, for still unexplained reasons, a young policeman is accused of belonging to the ERP- Montoneros, a guerrilla group that operated at the time. He is tortured by his former teammates and is detained for two years as a political prisoner. After survive the brutal prison conditions and gets parole, he manages to escape to Brazil; Denmark grants him asylum and he lives fifteen years in Conpenhagen.