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Movies of 2010

Is filmmaking possible in a country like Ecuador? Is there an audience in Latina American movies? These are some of the questions posed by an Ecuadorian filmmaker whose latest subsidized movie did not find commercial distribution. He embarks on a filmic query to find answers to his questions and relief for his despair. He speaks to film critics, to the manager of the national cinematheque and to passersby… His research leads him to a giant contraband market in the port city of Guayaquil where pirated movies from all over the world are sold for one dollar.



The documentary records Sofia’s daily life in the months prior to her birthday number 100. She goes to the theater, goes shopping, cooks for her grandchildren and participates in succulent family meals. Sofia goes to the doctor, knits for her great grandchildren and drinks tea with her 94-year old sister, Rebecca. Her life and history are slowly unveiled through archival footage, conversations and anecdotes.

An Argentinean born Spaniard, writer and journalist, whose parents were tortured and murdered during the Military Coup, returns to finish a novel about them, with the ambiguous determination to get even with their murderer, a former Sheriff who lives nearby in Patagonia.

A lonely 40 year old man lives an intense crisis. Walking down a street, he comes across his couple who is on her way to meet up with her ex boy friend. Beggining to feell that his relationship with her is about to end, he remains still, without reacting, daring only to look at her.

Silverio Palacios (40) a failed union worker from Veracruz, decides to turn his life around. Tired of earning his money panhandling in the streets, he decides to follow up on a plan that’s been on his friend and union leader: Alacrán’s mind for the longest time. He transforms his old taxi into an improvised raft and sails away on a trip that can change his fate forever.